How tall is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant is officially listed as 6’9″ in height, however it has always been known that this is a lie. Whenever you compare Durant to 6’9″ players, you notice that he is always taller, and even when you compare him to 6’11” players like DeMarcus Cousins and DeAndre Jordan, he looks slightly taller than them.

In an interview with Bob Fitzgerald of KNBR, Durant revealed his true height: “I was recorded at 6’10” and three-quarters with no shoes, so with my shoes on I’m 7’0″.

NBA player heights are generally listed as their height with shoes, therefore Kevin Durant should actually be listed as 7 feet tall.

Height and length is advantageous in basketball because it helps you shoot over defenders and block shots, so why is it that Durant would want to lie about it height? Durant has said that he has always understated his height because he was worried that if he was listed at anything taller than people would categorize him as a power forward or center rather than his natural position at small forward.


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