Chris Paul Throwing Down Alley-Oop Dunks

NBA Superstar point guard Chris Paul is known for putting up lob passes to his teammates for alley-oop dunks, hence the LA Clippers being known as “Lob City” when he was playing for them.

Paul did occasionally dunk earlier in his career, however it became a rare occurrence later in his career, in fact in his last four seasons with the LA Clippers (including Playoffs) he only dunked a total of 5 times. At the age of 32 it was expected that Paul’s dunking days were long gone, but based on a couple of recent video clips it appears that he is still able to get up as good as ever.

Here is a video posted on Instagram of Paul throwing down an alley-oop dunk from a pass from his son

Workout #InYaBag @youballtraining @littlechrisp @_kingcozy #EverydayDad

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and here is another alley-oop dunk during a James Harden charity game

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