Champion Powerlifter Andrey Drachev Killed by MMA Fighter in Street Brawl

WARNING: Contains graphic content. Andrey Drachev died after he was knocked out with a spinning kick to the head and getting punched in the head as he was laying unconscious on the ground.

Andrey Drachev

In the released footage, Drachev is seen squaring off against a mixed martial artist who police suspect to be Anar Ziranov. The suspected killer Ziranov, a professional MMA fighter, connects with a roundhouse kick to the face of Drachev. The accused Ziranov then proceeds to deliver a barrage of punches to Drachev as he lays unconscious on the ground.


Suspected killer Anar Ziranov

The fight reportedly stemmed from an argument over whether mixed martial arts was a better sport than powerlifting.

Drachev was rushed to hospital but died from craniocerebral injury as a result of the beating.



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