The Greatest Sport Movies of All Time featuring Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler

There are many best sport movies lists on the internet, which countdown the greatest sport movies of all time. The same films appear on these lists, including Field of Dreams, Hoosiers, The Fighter, Tin Cup, Moneyball, Jerry Maguire, Caddyshack, Any Given Sunday, Slap Shot, Major League, Bull Durham, Raging Bull, Kingpin. These are all great films and hence the reason they ...

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Matador Ivan Fandino Gored to Death

Via: news.com.au Award-winning Spanish Matador Ivan Fandino was gored to death by raging bull after tripping on his cloak in the bullring. The 36 year old bullfighter, who had been a professional for 12 years, died in the French town of Mont-de-Marsan while performing in the Aire-sur-l’Adour bullfighting festival. Fandino’s feet became tangled in the cape used to goad the ...

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